Hartmanlaw’s Coronavirus Adaptation Plan

We would like to assure you that maintaining a safe closing environment and doing our very best to conduct “business as usual” are two primary goals at Hartmanlaw in the face of the current “outbreak”.
To that end, we have taken several measures to minimize contact where possible and offer clients and closing visitors the opportunity to sign documents remotely (IE, not attend closing in our office and instead find a notary service) if such persons have compromised immune systems or for whatever reason would prefer not to attend a group closing.
And certainly, if you feel you are sick and may be contagious with any variant of the flu or a virus please use good judgment and consider options in scheduling closing or signing remotely.
If you wish to exercise the option to close remotely, please advise your closing paralegal contact through your Qualia login. These accommodations will be made when timing allows for them and if lending institutions which may be involved approved remote signing of documents. For this temporary time period we are waiving the normal “mailaway” closing accommodation fees that we routinely charge.
Additionally, for those attending closings IN one of our offices you will be assured of a heightened attention to sanitization of the environment after each closing session. Likewise, each participant will use a brand new pen and will take it home as a souvenir; we will not re-use any writing utensils for this time period.
Finally, while you are typically used to our attorneys being as friendly as your sister or best friend, we are to try to adhere to the “elbows only” silly little thing folks are doing – no handshakes, no hugs. It will be rough. But we’re all in to make sure we do our part to nip this virus in the bud as quickly as possible.
Andrew Hartman
Hartmanlaw, LLC